About Us

We are super excited to announce the launch of ALECTO kiteFoiling Australia!


It has been an intense two years of research and development into the most technologically advanced, carbon fibre hydrofoil. Together with KFA’s top class,  testing team riders and their input, we succeeded in producing high quality racing foil. 2015 for us was a busy year with the introduction of our Mk3 model, a strong race foil and and an excellent free riding performer. It was rigorously tested by the KFA team and associated riders such as Ricardo Leccese and Florian Trittel in Australia and Europe. It was then ridden in the World Cup events by Marvin Baumeister, Florian Gruber, Maks

Our Riders

Riders who use our HydroFoil

Natalie Flintrop-Clarke

Team Rider: Natalie Flintrop-Clarke  

Natalie Flintrop-Clarke
James Neeson - rider
James Neeson

Team Rider: James Neeson

James Neeson